Over the past few years, Sgt Rigsby has brought you sweeping historical epics, tender and tearful romances, puzzling philosophical questions, hard hitting political/social drama; but never before has he tackled such an important theme: adolescence in America.

With a nod to Judy Blume and R. Crumb, Teensploitation is a show for anyone who ever died of embarrassment during puberty. (Puberty is, incidentally, a very funny word to say out loud.)

Teetering on the brink of grown-uppedness, our awkward heroes, Lindsay, Joanne, Westin, Rita and Graham face a bewildering kaleidoscope of new tingly feelings, beguiling temptations, horrifying physical changes, faithful dragons, raw disappointment, sexy carwashes, and if youre real good: a singing chicken.

These are stories so big and yet so intimate that only the magic of shadow puppetry could do them justice.

“Sgt. Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes don’t just do shadow-puppet shows—they do shows about shadow-puppet shows, with the old-timey radio-play cast right there on stage, spinning out their 1,001 hilarious voices for the swift, sharp, morally dubious shadow-puppet action going down center stage. For Teensploitation, Rigsby mastermind Scot Augustson pillages the world of Young Adult Fiction, spinning a quirky fantasia of school plays, high-drama friendships, and ‘plain-girl proms’ brought to life by a brilliant cast.” – David Schmader, The Stranger

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