The Panel Jumper – Issue 004: An Odd Duck

You think you know Howard the Duck? You don’t know Howard the Duck!

In the fourth installment of The Panel Jumper, Cole Hornaday explores the tale of cantankerous comic book creator Steve Gerber and his one-man fight to retain the ownership of that foul little fowl, Howard the Duck.

Written by Cole Hornaday
Directed by Ben Laurance

Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper
Mike Gilson as Manager Mike
Jose Amador, Darian Lindle, and AJ Epstein as the Customers
Val Brunetto as the Secretary
Justin Ison as Steve Gerber
Troy Lund as Jack Kirby
John McKenna as the Marvel Executive
Raymond L. Williams as the voice of The Hawk

Puppeteers: Eddie DeHais, Zane Exactly, Rachel Jackson
Puppets courtesy of: Vox Fabuli Puppets
Howard the Duck built by: Amy Lazerte & Cole Hornaday
Mike the Pike built by: Rachel Jackson

Theme Music and Gaffer: Michael White Hayes
Wardrobe: Samantha Armitage
Boom Operator: Webster Polk

Special Thanks
Comics Dungeon
G. Scott Tomlin
Chris Casos
Nicole Lamb
The Ethereal Mutt Ltd
AJ Epstein
Everett College

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