The Panel Jumper – Issue 002: Iron Curtain Maiden

In the second full episode of The Panel Jumper, Cole Hornaday attempts to unravel the curious history of OCTOBRIANA.

Written by Cole Hornaday
Directed by Ben Laurance

Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper
Mike Gilson as Manager Mike
AJ Epstein as Petr Sadecky
Jaime Roberts as Trina Robbins
Kendra Hayes & James Weidman as the PPP
Raymond L. Williams as Billy Idol
Val Brunetto, LaChrista Borgers, Jana Hutchison, and Katie McKellar as the Star Ladies
and Tracy Leigh as Octobriana

Theme Music and Gaffer: Michael White Hayes
Boom Operator: Webster Polk

Special Thanks
Comics Dungeon
G. Scott Tomlin
Chris Casos
Nicole Lamb
The Ethereal Mutt Ltd
AJ Epstein
Kasia Patora
Annex Theatre

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