Winner Takes None


Ben is revealed sitting at a table. He is disheveled and beaten, having faced an army of combatants before finally meeting the final boss.

Paul enters with two identical glasses and a bottle of vodka. He sits at the table and pours two drinks. They toast and slam their drinks.

Paul pours two more drinks, poisons one, switches them behind his back, and puts them on the table.

Ben picks one, they toast, then Ben pours his out. Paul then pours his out as well.

Paul pulls out a gun and sets it on the table.

Paul pours two more drinks, poisons one, then sets the poisoned drink in front of Ben.

Molly enters.

Ben sees her.

Paul turns around to look.

Ben switches the glasses.

Paul turns back, sees that the glasses are switched.

Paul tells Molly to “say hello” to Ben. She does so.

Paul switches the glasses back.

Molly then caresses Paul’s face and switches the glasses. Paul catches her in the act.

He exits, and returns with a marked glass.

He pours and poisons the marked glass, setting it in front of Ben.

Molly distracts Paul by whispering in his ear.

While Paul is distracted, Ben empties the non-poisoned glass into his mouth, pours the poisoned drink into the non-poisoned glass, spits the non-poisoned drink into the marked poison glass, leaves the marked glass in front of Paul.

Paul changes the glasses again, and they drink.

Paul drinks half of his drink and realizes it’s poisoned.

Paul gives the poisoned drink to Molly. She refuses.

Paul points the gun at Molly, yet she still refuses.

Paul points the gun at Ben.

There is a long, tense, painful pause.


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