The Panel Jumper

What Is The Panel Jumper?

The Panel Jumper explores the history and lore of comic books; diving deep to discover the stories hidden below and bringing them back above the surface to expose how comic book history, characters, and themes affect us all. The Panel Jumper aims to be entertaining and engaging to both the hard-core comic book geek, as well as the casual observer.

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“The Panel Jumper exposes a history of comics far weirder than I’d imagined. I can’t wait to find out what they unearth next!” –Eisner Award winning artist Gene Ha (Alan Moore’s “Top Ten”)

“Drop dead awesome. That was sheer excellence.” –Paul Gulacy

“The Panel Jumper is witty, informed, and informative – offering commentary on all kinds of aspects of the comic book industry in an entertaining fashion.” –Prof. Ben Saunders, “Do The Gods Wear Capes? Spirituality, Fantasy, and Superheroes”

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