Scenes from Fatherhood – Parts 1 and 2

[Dark stage.] Voice-over: Previously on the Gude/Laurance experience. [Lights up. Ben is on stage, Paul is walking off.] Ben: And don’t come back until you have a fucking baby! [Lights out.] Voice-over: We now return you to a very special Gude/Laurance experience. [Lights up. Ben is sitting, typing on a laptop.] Ben: February 4th, 2006. 3:42 am. … Continue reading

Introducing gude/laurance

[Ben enters with ukulele. Paul paces angrily off left.] BEN: Hello, I’m Ben Laurance. After much prodding and pleading, I’ve finally agreed to join Paul Gude here for his monthly slots at Spin the Bottle, as I’ve got many talents I’m thrilled to showcase. So, to begin our collaboration, Paul … Continue reading