Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 98

Today on our 2016 wrap up show, we talk about our top ten comics of the year (in no particular order, listed below), our significant top events of the year (listed below), our regrets and surprises, and finally we revisit Chris’s predictions for 2016 and find out if he’s Nostradamus or not.

• Black Panther
• Ultimates
• Wuvable Oaf – Blood and Metal
• Henchgirl
• Kim and Kim
• Black Monday Murders
• Giant Days
• Monstress
• Ghosts
• Zana
• Cleopatra In Space

• Vision
• The Mighty Thor
• Doctor Strange
• Black Panther
• The Flintstones
• Afterlife with Archie
• The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
• Hellboy in Hell
• East of West
• Black Monday Murders

• The Legend of Wonder Woman
• The Spire
• Huck
• Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
• Love: The Tiger
• Green Valley
• Human Body Theater
• Mobius Library
• Providence

• Civil War II is significant because it has nosedived and Marvel is hurting because of it.
• Emerald City Comic Con 2016
• Comics Dungeon Faith Exclusive Cover Variants
• Cat Cosplay in-store event
• The Panel Jumper Issue 004: An Odd Duck was finally released
• The Panel Jumper **Live** sell-out
• Netflix’s various Marvel series
• A customer of the store is a policeman, and his box number is 911

Also, we were visited this year by a very small, very fragile Cthulhu.

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