Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 74


Today on the show, we begin by revisiting a segment we call “What’s Selling This Week? And What SHOULD Be Selling This Week?” We also talk about the recent visit of Comic Con HQ ( to film a segment with Nicole and Heather Nuhfer (My Little Pony) in the store.

We then discuss superhero trophies: The keepsakes and remembrances superheroes and villains hold onto and either display proudly, or – in the case of Batman – occasionally throw into the batcave abyss.

Next we discuss road trip comics: Comics that either involve a character going on a road trip – or a good comic to bring and read on your road trip this summer.

And finally, during Book Report, Nicole brings up a specific spread in Princeless which pays off Bedelia’s storyline, which you can see below.

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