Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 44


Today, we explain to Ben how to begin reading comics – which has the side effect of showcasing Chris and Nicole’s comic book reader profiling skills.

We also premiere a new-ish segment called “Rapid Fire For All,” a modified version of “Rapid Fire,” where Ben gives questions to each panelist and they have to answer the best they can. The questions include:

1. You are the first contact of an alien race that is visiting Earth. Which comic do you give them as an offering of peace?
2. What comic would you like to see drawn in another artist’s style?
3. Have you ever thrown a comic across the room? (Also, Ben might have misspoke and said “Groundhog Day” when he meant “Memento.”)
4. What would be the coolest crossover that has not happened – either not yet or will ever?
5. Can you recommend any good Western comics?

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