Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 174

Boats and magic and naglfar, oh my! Today, the gang at Perfect Bound Podcast discuss some items in comic and pop culture news, including:
Some DC Comics are going to be more expensive
Black Panther in SPAAAAACE!
• Amazon unveils a new creator-owned comic line for ComicXology
There’s going to be a Babymetal comic.
• SyFy orders a pilot based on Dark Horse’s Resident Alien
From Hell gets some color
Jason Momoa exits The Crow reboot
Preacher Season 3 includes Gran’ma

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Today on Book Report, Chris review Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley from Crowsong Productions.

Cole reviews Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer: Age of Doom from Dark Horse.

And finally, Nicole reviews, Deadpool #1 from Marvel

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