Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 139

Dark Nights: Metal is big on history, so today we have a conversation about the strengths and weaknesses regarding continuity in storytelling. Do you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the whole of DC’s history to enjoy Dark Nights: Metal?

And speaking of continuity, in this episode we also discuss titles that show a realistic depiction of aging. How many comics out there have shown a character age in “real time” with us, and how many have shown characters age in their own time, but within the title.

And a p.s. to Quiz Time, Ben DID get the year WRONG. It was supposed to be 1998, not 1988.

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Today in Book Report, Cole reviews Invincible, Vol 23: Full House from Image.

Nicole reviews The Little Red Wolf from Lion Forge.

And finally, Chris reviews Castle in the Stars from First Second Publishing

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