Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 137

We begin today’s show talking about Chris’s name and Nicole’s hair, but then get on topic and talk of the news of the day, including:
• FunkoPop has opened a new store in Everett, WA.
The trailer for Netflix’s Marvel’s The Punisher was released.
• Len Wein has passed away.
• As has Harry Dean Stanton.
Batman: The Animated Series is 25 years old.
• The first images of David Harbor’s Hellboy has been released, and we approve.
Mr. Miracle will be taking a break between issues 6 & 7.
• The identity of Mr. Oz was revealed in Action Comics #987.
• And finally, we think Mark Hamill is pulling the wool over our eyes by telling us that an old Star Wars comic contains The Last Jedi spoilers.

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For Book Report, Chris reviews Angelic from Image.

Cole reviews Harrow County, Vol. 1-5 from Dark Horse.

And finally, Nicole reviews The Interview from Fantagraphics.

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