Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 135

We begin today’s conversation talking about Cole’s cold, paranormal videos, and ritual. We eventually get the show back on rails and talk about body horror; what it is, how it differs from other types of horror, and some good examples of body horror in pop culture.

We also talk about instances where the Hero and a Villain team up to fight a greater evil. Plenty of options here, have a listen for some good reading recommendations.

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Today on a very special Book Report, we all read comics suggested to us by C4C3 President of the Board G. Scott Tomlin. Nicole starts us off with Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8: The Long Way Home from Dark Horse.

Ben reviews Fables: Vol 1 & 2 from Vertigo.

Cole reviews XO Manowar Vol 1: Soldier from Valiant.

And finally Chris reviews Shade, The Changing Girl from DC.

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