Perfect Bound Podcast – Episode 116

Today on the show, we welcome Tatiana Gill – our guest from The Panel Jumper **Live**. We brought her back because we felt we didn’t have enough time during the live show to really get to know her and so we wanted to bring her back for a full episode… and NOT because we screwed up the original recording. We discuss her comic origins from Evergreen State College, her past autobiographical books, and what she has in store for the future. Learn everything you want about Tatiana and buy her books at her website –

We also talk about comics as a form of therapy and what we read when we have “the feels.”

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For Book Report, Nicole read Magdalene Visaggio and Eryk Donovan’s Quantum Teens Are Go from Black Mask Studios.

Chris reviews Nightlights from Lorena Alvarez Gomez

Cole reviewed another Hanna Barbera title – Wacky Raceland.

And finally, Tatiana reviews a book for us – California Dreamin: Cass Elliot Before the Mamas and the Papas about legendary 60s rock singer Mama Cass.

As a treat for those of you who have read thus far, a favorite image of Tatiana’s she showed at The Panel Jumper **Live** has now been put on a T-shirt. Click the image to get one of your own!

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