GudeLaurance Podcast – Episode 95

Today on the show, Paul and Ben talk about the bright winter sun, theater games during business training, artistic stipends, podcast robo word-searching, net neutrality, Al Franken resigns, Ben introduces Paul to the Roy Moore fiasco, Episode 92 was lost, but now it’s found, our current TV shows, the average age range of TV writers, the hierarchy of badness, Fahrenheit 11/9, do “the cool kids” hate Liberals, the perils of being in charge, slang phrases Paul is no longer allowed to say, how Flava Flav paved the way for the hype-man industry, Prophets of Rage, when Paul surprised Mike Doughty on stage, the Panel Jumper Live Chapter V, working with someone vs working for someone, the difference between managers and employees, the Minister’s Cat story, and finally shouting for Betty.

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