GudeLaurance Podcast – Episode 68

Today on a very special episode, Paul and Ben record on the eve of Annex Theatre’s 30th Anniversary weekend and welcome two guests: Annex Artistic Director Catherine Blake Smith, and Managing Director Stephen McCandless. Other topics discussed include Ben’s failure to book yet a third guest, American Doctor Who Episode 4, YouTube comments, killer drones, Annex’s 30th Anniversary weekend, how Paul found Annex, how Ben found Annex, how Catherine found Annex, the publication status of Giraffe and Elephant, when Paul and Ben once pitched a show, Becky Poole – international agent, corrections from episode 67, Paul’s childhood rollerskating injury, perceptions of pain, how Paul observes Shavuot, the pull of reporting to adrenaline junkies, internet trolling, the mainstream utilization of State espionage, Signal by Whisper Systems, twitter sock puppet accounts, the complete and utter breakdown of reality, calling for Betty, doctors of the future, and finally coding as a blue collar job.

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