GudeLaurance Podcast – Episode 09


This week on the show, Paul buys cat food and Ben takes a selfie. Other topics include Betty’s new secondary education, who Ed Skrein played in Game of Thrones, the awesomeness that is Paul’s new audio recorder, Vine wars, the hunt for new headphones, how bad audio can ruin a good video, how people talk on their phone while driving, a cryptic conversation about another podcast Ben is on, Paul’s blood-feuds, a conversation with Laz from Happy Up Inc in Edwardsville, buying headphones at Best Buy, how bicyclists signal to cars, sci-fi mashups, Big Trouble in Little China starring the Rock, why you shouldn’t remake movies, how Mike Doughty will tour as Soul Coughing, Bruce Campbell and the remake of Evil Dead, and finally Yelling for Betty.

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