GudeLaurance Podcast – Episode 03

“The Death of Journalism.” Paul and Ben string a couple of tin cans together and record their conversation, talking about their Bumbershoot performance from a year and a half ago, Paul’s new job in southern Illinois, the Perfect Bound Podcast, the Heavy Metal comic, who might be listening to the new podcast, possible new segments for the show, why Paul’s not on twitter anymore, how Paul F. Tompkins is such a great guy, why Ben isn’t following Simon Pegg on social media anymore, Paul’s Scary Conspiracy Theory Prediction: a terrorist event that only happens on social media, the Fox News echo chamber, the no Google challenge (a precursor to “Keep It Wrong”), meeting the cast of Mr. Show and how we failed to follow up with John Ennis on collaborating on sketches, John’s photocopier film, Paul meeting Bob Odenkirk after an Amazon speech, performing at Spin the Bottle, why they’re keeping it clean on the show, when they started performing together, stories from Paul’s old apartment in downtown Seattle, St. Louis improv classes, the possibility of a Trump presidency, sock puppet accounts, and finally Yelling for Betty.

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