Fucked: An Evening of Theatrical Atrocities

Paul and Ben clean up the messes.

“A special thumbs up to Paul Gude and Ben Laurance for their fine inter-act slapstick as sick janitors, gleefully mopping up all the bodily fluids lost during each segment.” -Brendan Kiley, The Stranger

“The time between the plays is also put to great use. Wearing pig masks and janitor costumes, Paul Gude and Ben Laurance never fail to entertain. Their body movement was quite striking, as they found clever ways to clean up the carnage from each previous play. Complimented by a breathtaking sound design by Luke Allen, the two performers add a playful and fun quality throughout.” -Robbie Wachs, TheatreSeattle.com

“Between each two plays, two janitors (Ben Laurance and Paul Gude) come out to clean up the messes (blood in this case). They are mute, masked, and remarkably entertaining.” -Joe Boling, TPS Online

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