Extreme S’mores

[BEN and PAUL enter.]

BEN: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to introduce to you now the latest campfire game sensation sweeping the nation, developed by us, Paul and Ben.


BEN: So to set the proper campfire mood, please welcome to the stage Rick Miller!

[RICK enters, begins playing campfire song.]

BEN: And to set the mood even more, please welcome Molly!

[MOLLY enters.]

PAUL: Wait!

BEN: What is it?

PAUL: This isn’t like any campfire I’ve ever been to.

BEN: I know, I know, there’s not actual fire, but certain building regulations prevent-

PAUL: No. Look. [stage whisper] There’s a girl here.

BEN: Relax Paul, it’s theatre, it’s not supposed to reflect real life.

PAUL: Ah. But how come we always play ourselves?

BEN: Quiet, you. Molly, if you will.

[MOLLY sits PAUL in a chair and begins to tie him up.

PAUL: Hey!

BEN: Theatre, Paul.

PAUL: Oh, yeah.

[MOLLY tightens the rope (or tape or whatever…).]

PAUL: Ow! Not real life, not real life…

BEN: That’s right Paul. Some of you may wonder how Paul being tied to a chair is reminiscent of campfire games. And for some of you, this may be all too familiar. Molly, the accessories please.

[MOLLY puts a pair of goggles on PAUL. BEN puts on his own pair.]

BEN: Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves [holds up CHOCOLATE and GRAHAM CRACKERS] for EXTREME SMORES! CUE MUSIC!

[MELT BANANA (“pillow fight song”) plays at a louder than necessary volume. BEN throws CRACKERS, RICK throws CHOCOLATE, and MOLLY throws MARSHMALLOWS at PAUL.]

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