Video editor/producer for over 9 years.

A brief overview of qualifications:

  • Responsible for all aspects of independent film production, including: Original short and feature-length films, web based commercial and marketing videos, cinematography, studio management, editing, post-production sound mastering, and motion graphics.
  • Work with clients to design and implement Video Sales Letters often under tight time constraints, to expand their brand and reach an audience of tens of thousands of current and potential customers.
  • Completed five full-length web series as post-production supervisor, serving as the production hub and liason between all departments and the director.
  • Recent clients include: Caution Zero Network, Birdhouse Creative (A&E, Microsoft), Graphiti Associates (iStock, Getty Images), Seattle Repertory Theater, Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, ArtsEd Washington.

The Panel Jumper – Issue 002: Iron Curtain Maiden

In the second full episode of The Panel Jumper, Cole Hornaday attempts to unravel the curious history of OCTOBRIANA. Written by Cole Hornaday Directed by Ben Laurance Starring Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper Mike Gilson as Manager Mike AJ Epstein as Petr Sadecky Jaime Roberts as Trina Robbins Kendra … Continue reading

The Panel Jumper – Issue 001: Muck Men Mania

Join Cole Hornaday – aka The Panel Jumper – as he leads you through the muck to discover just how and why swamp men became a thing of comic book lore. Written by Cole Hornaday Directed by Ben Laurance Starring Cole Hornaday as The Panel Jumper Mike Gilson as Manager … Continue reading

Get The Girl Code

An excerpt of Michael Fiore’s “Get The Girl Code” video sales letter. [note: who knows how these things make it onto YouTube through unofficial channels, but I chose this avenue as opposed to sending you to the sales letter page because, well, sales letter page]

Road Trip Time Lapse With Map

Road trip time-lapse footage with accompanying animated map. Time-lapse road footage from Seattle through San Francisco, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, and back to Seattle. Seventy-six hours of footage condensed to 13 minutes, with an original score by The Half Brothers. In the summer … Continue reading

Kinetic Typography

I’m testing out a new After Effects script that automates the kinetic typography process, essentially cutting down 30 minutes of work into about 3 minutes. Pretty fantastic stuff. Problem is, do clients want this kind of style anymore?