Christmas Is Burning

Join the elite forces of the Holiday Defense League as they valiantly struggle to save the most wonderful day of the year and try to solve the mystery: Why? Why? Why are killer robots from the future trying to ruin Christmas?

From the off-kilter mind of playwright and puppeteer Scot Augustson (AKA Sgt Rigsby) and the renowned and whimsical kitchens of Cafe Nordo comes the holiday show you were least expecting. Its Science Fiction! Its a heart-warming holiday tale! Its a tantalizing feast! It’s Terminator meets Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

“The band lead by Michael Owcharuk is outstanding, the story is ridiculously fun, the shadow puppets are hysterical, the original songs from Shawnmarie Stanton are awesome and the cast looks to be having way too much fun.” -Jay Irwin,

“How to encapsulate a plot that stops making sense before you get to the main course?” -Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

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