Market Research Theatre

[PAUL and BEN enter. PAUL carries a clipboard. They address the audience.] PAUL: In order to improve the Paul and Ben Slot at Spin the Bottle, audience reaction was measured and modifications enacted to reflect these preferences. We now present to you the Paul and Ben Slot – audience favorite … Continue reading

Introducing gude/laurance

[Ben enters with ukulele. Paul paces angrily off left.] BEN: Hello, I’m Ben Laurance. After much prodding and pleading, I’ve finally agreed to join Paul Gude here for his monthly slots at Spin the Bottle, as I’ve got many talents I’m thrilled to showcase. So, to begin our collaboration, Paul … Continue reading

Nice Guys and Fast Women

[Lights up] Bruce Hall: Paul Gude moved to Seattle in May of 1999 with a simple dream: To write the definitive American one-act stage play, and perform it at Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle. Only one thing stood in his way. The self-proclaimed gatekeeper of Seattle Late Night Fringe Theatre: … Continue reading