Road Trip Time Lapse With Map

Road trip time-lapse footage with accompanying animated map. Time-lapse road footage from Seattle through San Francisco, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, and back to Seattle. Seventy-six hours of footage condensed to 13 minutes, with an original score by The Half Brothers. In the summer … Continue reading

Kinetic Typography

I’m testing out a new After Effects script that automates the kinetic typography process, essentially cutting down 30 minutes of work into about 3 minutes. Pretty fantastic stuff. Problem is, do clients want this kind of style anymore?

The Coffee Table

THE COFFEE TABLE is a new sci-fi comedy web series: fifteen short episodes with a premise that is very much Doctor Who meets The Greatest American Hero. A family discovers that their new coffee table is actually an ancient alien artifact, and they inadvertently activate it, sending their entire house hurtling through the void … Continue reading