for Lorne

An idiosyncratic labor of love, for Lorne is an homage to veteran character actress Marion Lorne, best known as the flighty and flummoxed Aunt Clara on TV’s Bewitched. Written and directed by Ed Hawkins, it follows the long and surprisingly distinguished career of the “Queen of Quirk.” This was my … Continue reading

Almost Live!

I had a college internship at the local sketch comedy TV show “Almost Live!” Responsibilities included audience wrangling, assisting the assistant producer with set builds, and assisting the director of photography with location shoots. Other responsibilities included occasionally appearing on camera. This is the record store bit. I had the … Continue reading

All Powers Necessary and Convenient

My penultimate University of Washington School of Drama show. Written by Mark Jenkins and directed by Victor Pappas. I was an undergrad in a show focused primarily on graduate and local professional actors. Meaning: I had very little stage time. It was a four hour production, and at one point … Continue reading