Borrowing Time

Borrowing Time a part animated feature film complete with atomic insects, planes on string and the very theft of history itself. Borrowing toured the country and won best Director, visual effects, design, and best editor at the Syracuse B movie festival. The IMDb page.

Tank Plays

Five brand-spanking new short works of theatrical genius that employ the latest and greatest in stage trickery to most fantastically represent previously unseen worlds of the unbelievably minute! “The seven original works feature some popular and interminably watchable talent (Josh List, the wonderful Heidi Darchuck, and, of course, Sarah Rudinoff) … Continue reading

1,001 Nights of Cruisin’

The creators of Why? Why? Why? and the cult hit Stephen’s Late Nite Porn Show bring their talents together for tales of sex and debauchery. Scot Augustson’s Sgt. Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes place some of the more salacious tales of 1,001 Arabian Nights in a modern-day apartment complex where … Continue reading